Health and Safety Policy: Statement of Intent

This written Policy Statement as required by Section 2(3) of The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Regulation 5(2) of the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 (As Amended 2006) applies to all AN Construction Solution Ltd. employees; this includes but is not limited to the employees of Contractors, Sub- Contractors, Self Employed Persons, Clients and Consultants working on behalf of AN Construction Solution Ltd. This Policy demonstrates that appropriate measures have been determined and applied.

The Policy of AN Construction Solution Ltd is to provide high standards of health, safety and welfare at work to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, accidental loss that may result in:

  • Personal Injury.
  • Ill Health.
  • Damage to plant and property.

The Company objective is to achieve this, so far as is reasonable practicable, by:

  • Providing an organisational structure which supports and implements risk assessment and risk control.
  • Providing equipment and methods of work that are safe and without risk to health.
  • Providing adequate welfare facilities that are maintained in an efficient manner.
  • Ensuring that the arrangements for the use, storage, transport of articles and substances used at work are adequate.
  • Setting up emergency procedures.
  • Providing information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure health and safety at work.
  • Appointing competent persons to assist with the implementation of Health & Safety arrangements.
  • Providing sufficient resources and allocation of funds to effectively implement this policy.
  • Regularly reviewing health and safety performance, and setting health and safety objectives aimed at improving the Company's safety performance.
  • The Senior Management of AN Construction Solution Ltd. is charged with the application and promotion of this Policy and to ensure that the Company complies with statutory health and safety legislation, associated Approved Codes of Practice and its duties in common law.

While AN Construction Solution Ltd. accepts its responsibilities towards health and safety it is expected that Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Self Employed Persons, Clients and Consultants fulfil and comply with their legal requirements under Section 7 and 8 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. e.g. take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others that may affected by their acts and omissions, to co-operate with management on matters of health and safety and do not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.

Mr Aqif Neli (MCIOB)
Director Responsible for Health and Safety
August 2017